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Originally Posted by Gatekeeper View Post
Not unless I beat you to his front door! LOL.

Seriously, tank looks great Chris. I will get over to you to check it out before you head back into the city. I have been so dang busy lately with the holidays.

Meeting is at my place on January 28! Setting up a 50 gallon aquarium.

Let me know if you need more fert solution before you head back to school also.
You guys are silly! I'm good on KNO3 at the moment, but as far as PO4 I've simply been eyeballing lumps of powder and dosing discretely, I bump it up when I see GSA forming on the glass.

Going back to school on the 17th, so I'll have to see if I can make it to the meeting or if ill be busy with class, which I have monday-friday this semester.
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