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125 Gallon Planted Comunity tank

I am currently in the process of getting my 125 gallon tank back into shape i just got married this year in November so there was a bit of neglect. thankfully my wife loves my fish tank so i have been able to spend some money to get it up and going good again.

What i got...

-Marineland Multi-Stage C-530
-200 watt heater (I'm wanting to add another just in case on of them went out.)
-Milwaukee SMS122 controller (for my co2) (saving up to get this)
-Milwaukee MA 597 regulator (for my co2) (saving up to get this)
-Ro water system for generating water
-currently i am running a 3 2litter let up for diy co2, until i can get the above items for pressurized co2 it seams to be working well.


-1 T5 fixture that is a 4 bulb 2 circuit 5600K
-1 compact florescent that is 2 bulb 65 watt 5600K

-2 Red Chromide
-2 Bolivian Ram
-8 Head Light Tail Light
-3 Redfin, Rainbow Shark
-30 Neon Tetra
-1 Hatchet
-1 lemon Tetra
-4 Black Skirt Tetra
-3 sepia tetras
-47 ghost shrimp
-10 nirite snails

-Anubias Coffeefolia
-Java Fern
-Java Lace Fern
-water sprite
-Cryptocoryne spiralis (i think)
-red Ludwig
-Pennie wort

Brandon Deibler
Wichita, Kansas

125 planted tank

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