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Thank you for looking. I appreciate all the nice words. I'm sorry of this late reply as I just returned from conference in Las Vegas for a week. My tank currently looks very awful because of serious evaporation, and other problems. I will report about this later.

@76white02, the rocks are Seiryu stones from Aquaforest. I'm not really satisfied with the stones they sent to me because most of the stones have ugly textures or shapes. Only 1 stone (the main stone in my tank) has the desired texture and shape just like what you can see in Takashi Amano tanks. My advice is, make sure you contact them personally and tell them precisely what kind of stones you want. Of course that depends on availability.

@Chucker, I'm at RIT. Are you nearby?

@Sayurasem, I dose 0.5ml of Seachem Iron and Flourish every other day and 1ml of Seachem Potassium every day. Sometime I forgot the dosing during exam weeks.
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