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Originally Posted by Overfloater View Post
This tank is excellent. I love it because it is unique and well executed.

You selling any of that hair grass anytime soon?
Coming from you Thanks a bunch!

As for the hairgrass, if i knew how to take some out with all of it coming out I would start selling quite soon, it's been making its way into the carpet for 4 weeks now and I have to clip the runners and pull out blades of it everyday to keep the carpet from turning into another wall of grass. I started with so little of it so most of it is interconnected under the soil. Any tips would be appreciated, if I can sell some you're first in line. Believe it or not this is dwarf hairgrass, and I'm positive of if because the place I get my plants from has little tags in the pots that were put in by the place that grows them... it was labeled dwarf hair grass, along with it's latin name. There's a possibility that the growers messed up but It was quite short when I got it, the direct halide seems to really double it's length.
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