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Originally Posted by ad3hybrid View Post
Thank you for the nice words

I'm well aware about the hairgrass. I could put some plastic barrier to control its growth but I prefer this way because it look more natural. At the moment, I just snip off any hairgrass growing at unwanted spots. Lets see how long it will take until it become uncontrollable..hmm

@Tanman19az, this is my first time using pressurized CO2 setup, so I'm not sure if I can give you much information with my limited experience. Before this I used DIY CO2 setup until I realized that it is difficult to control CO2 supply in tank using DIY setup. So I switched to this Fluval CO2 and it turned out pretty well. This kit uses manual regulator, so if you might find it difficult to turn it on and off on time. The regulator knob is easy to adjust and the CO2 bottle also last quite long. I have not change the bottle since I use it and that is about 4weeks now. I adjust the rate to about 1 bubble per 2 seconds for 6hours when I turn it on and that is between after an hour the light on and an hour before light off. I also add 1ml of Seachem Flourish Excel everyday. I don't know if this method is enough but my drop checker does not turn yellow and my HC are pearling everyday and grow pretty fast so I assume it is enough. You also might want to use other diffuser and bubble counter because the one that come with the kit is ugly, in my opinion.

dude after 6 weeks like that, what other things you dose? like any ferts? root tabs?
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