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Done. Much less painful than I thought. I used the calculator and came up with x16 holes at 1/8" diameter bit spaced out along the length of the bar. I alternated one hole at an angle so I have essentially one straight shot then the next down 15 deg to help with eliminating dead spots. Works really well as I have good flow across the entire bar and while in operation I can see it is moving water well throughout the tank. I bought the filter for one of the small Fluval units and it fits like a glove, now the shrimp will have another place to hang out and nosh.

I tore down the tank due to another unrelated issue and decided to reposition some plants making it easier to move the powerhead into place as well and ample room for the sponge filter. I used Krylon Fusion satin green spray paint on the bar itself and the cap.

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