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The fish store added a new tank to there selection. A 120 I think. I've gotten tired of asking questions from them to. I come here to ask then go to the fish store and see if they have what I want (most of the times it's fish). I've got TONS of idea's on how I'm going to revamp the fish store. First I'll have to get them to hire me, but I want to take that area where they have the freshwater tanks and turn it in to a really nice area with a bunch of REALLY nice display tanks. Then, take an inventory of all the fish and plants that are in the display tanks and keep a good sized stock of them in the basement. That way people can see the fish and plants in their full glory. They'll just have to say "hey I want that fish" and all I have to do is run down stairs and get "that fish" for them.
I also would start carrying Eheims and all those other filters that you guys use. Sadly, in order to keep the place open I would have to carry a good amount of very cheap stuff for the people that only want to keep a fish for a week or two, but if that is what it take to keep the nice stuff up and running that might change there minds then that is what I'll have to do.

I still am in favor of the fish store. They have a much larger selection of fish. You just have to make sure that they do not have that cursed ich! They also have a larger selection of plants. Fish World does not sell plants anymore. The one tank that does have plants has a label that reads "plants not for sale".

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