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Ozy's 55 high tech planted angel community

Decided it was time to start a journal on my main tank.

Size: 55 gal
Substrate: inert gravel
Filtration: Fluval G6 (merry christmas!)
Heater: Hydor ETH 300 watt
Lighting: 2x32 T8 shop fixture (soon to be upgraded)
Tech: 5 gal regulated Co2 timed with lights, seachem root tabs, and dosing excel

Echinodorus bleheri (Amazon Sword)
Cryptocoryne wendtii bronze (bronze crypt wendtii)
Crinum calamistratum (crinum)
Anubias barteri var. Nana (Anubias)
Microsorum pteropus (Java fern)
Cryptocoryne crispatula (Crypt Balansae)
Vallisneria Spiralis 'Leopard' (Italian Leopard Val)
Vesicularia Duyana (Java Moss)

6x Blue Tetra
10x Cardinal tetra
3x Albino Corydoras
4x Red Onion Snails
6x Zebra Nerites
2x Clown Plecostomas
2x Powder Blue Gourami
2x Silver Altum Angel (Males)
1x Gold Marble Angel (Female)

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