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Originally Posted by DesmondTheMoonBear View Post
What happened to the tank to cause it to run out of life? lol

Good luck with the new tank.
I think it ran out of nutrients and there was some mysterious bug that was killing off fish & even shrimps so it was a good time to restart.

Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
Hey mistergreen, is your title from a Korean Drama? Pretty interesting but a really current drama got the "most watched show" in South Korean and it's called "Tree with Deep Roots" haha.

And I notice tons of those rock barriers all around here!
Yes, I know of the drama. I got hooked on it too although the second half of the series wasn't as dramatic as the first.

Ok, some pictures. The inspiration is simply me looking at the roots of a tree and to me everything start first with the foundation. So the substrate/hardscape should look interesting on its own.

Dry test to see which branches are proportional to the tank. The branches are from a cut down maple tree. I have plenty of it.

The big branch knot looks interesting but was too big for the tank. These sizes feel better.

I glued the sticks to slabs of slate. I'm setting up the dirt tank as well.

Initial layout

Filling up the tank with substrate. I use black flora max mixed with a little rough sand to give more of a natural texture.

Final layout

I'm looking to filling this tank with low lying plants. I though about moss but they tend to grow up instead low and out. I might try UG, Utricularia graminifolia but I'll have to find it first. I don't have it on hand. They might grow in a low-tech plants.

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