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You have quite a few things there. Crypts can be used to line the edges of driftwood to make nice transitions between carpet plants and background plants. From what I've learned its not how big your selection is, its how much you have. For example, if you put your driftwood set up in only one corner and leave the left/right side and small space in front then put glosso for carpet right... Plant maybe 1 species of hygro behind and through the driftwood. But plant densely, so that it grows very thick, then put e. Tennelus I'm a front corner ect, and then line the driftwood with crypts. Depending on the look you have in mind, I would be careful using java fern in a 60p unless its needle leaf. The leafs on it are rather broad and could easily distort the overall image of the tank, in other words you don't just one plant by itself with bigger leafs ect. larger than your driftwood lol. In a short time, the glosso or whatever your using for a carpet and the crypts will all grow in together, the objective is to have something natural looking. Unless you are shooting for a dutch style approach you don't want 15 types of plants in a 2ft tank with the exception of your foreground plants. You often seen riccia, glosso, and dhg planted together to give an over all natural look.

Those two tanks are a tad larger, but could be implemented into any sized layout- IMO they best fit your layout with what driftwood it looks that you have.
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