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Originally Posted by jart View Post
Looks like a good start. I have never used that species of Bacopa as a background before. The tank looks really shallow but I guess that is because it is so long.
Do you plan to breed the cichlids?
The Bacopa came out of a 55 where it grew out and over the top. Some stalks were > 26" tall! One of my favoritries because of it's hardyness and easyness (a word?) and bright light green color.

I don't really plan on breeding cichlids but have a few exta tranks available if that happens.

Yes, the tank is a little shallow (18") and it looks very shallow since it's 6' long.

I'm hoping (expecting) it will look better as the plants grow-in.

Yes, I need a better camera :-(

As you might guess from my last name, my Grandfather was from Canada.
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