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Your Tanks

Originally Posted by kwheeler91 View Post
Started threads on both of these tanks before but lost track of them due to never updating. Gonna try again.

55 with pb angels, dwarf chain loaches, a few c. Melanistius and a stiphoodn goby.
Plants are java fern(regular, needle, windelov, and tropica), L. arcuata x repens and arcuata, C. spiralis, R. Rotundifolia, sprig of hygro bold, fissdens fontanus on my filter, java moss, hygro angustifolia, frogbit and and salvinia minima. Oh and riccia lol had no idea there were so many until I typed it out.

This tank is just a conglomeration of wood rocks and plants that didnt get used in the 40 and pulled out of smaller tanks I tore down when I moved. I like it though and the fish seem to enjoy it.

Sorry for crappy phone pics I dont have internet to upload them with the camera.

40 gallon or a close facsimile... Fish are lake inle danios, choprae danio, kyathit danio, sewellia lineolata, farlowella vitatta, otocinclus.
Plants are C. Wendtii red and tropica, lucens, parva, lutea, undulata, java needle leaf, marsilea minuta(makin a comeback), anubia nana(maybe petite), and java moss.

Lighting is a coralife t5 I think 48 watts? substrate in both is baylees better bottom.
Flourish but not lately.

I was thinking about adding diy co2, but not a large amount just enough to make things grow a little better... Will my crypts melt if add co2 though, even in small proportion?

Again sorry for bad pics...

Hello k...

I have several tanks of similar size as your two. You included quite a bit of info. in your post, so I'll add a little. CO2 is a nice touch, but I ruled it out because of the cost. It isn't really necessary for a planted tank. I've done three things for my large, planted tanks that have worked well for several years: I always match the lighting and the plants and still use the "watts per gallon rule". Up to 1 watt per gallon of tank volume for low light plants, 2 watts for moderate light plants, 3 watts for strong light plants and 4+ for bright light plants.

Before my tanks became so heavily stocked, I cycled different ferts in dry, liquids or granules to give my plants a variety. Now, the fish provide all the ferts.

Some time ago, I started doing weekly, large water changes. I remove and replace 60 to 70 percent of the tank volume every 6 to 7 days. This routine did more for my plants and fish than all the rest of the routine.

Flushing a lot of pure, treated water through the tanks kept the conditions very stable and IMO that's most important for healthy fish and plants.


"Fear not my child, just change the tank water."
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