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Originally Posted by AzFishKid View Post
I am no expert my any means, but I was quite skeptical of this scape when you first posted pictures of it in the aquascaping section. However, i really like what you've done with it. The moss really makes it look more like an aquascape rather than a pile of rocks. The hairgrass in the back looks super nice, and so does the HC. Nice job and i look forward to following this tank's progression!
Thanks And in my opinion, the moss still needs to engulf the rock a bit more. I'm going to have to start trimming the HC and pulling out some hairgrass to get everything balanced.

I'll be getting a school of about 40-50 cardinal tetras in a week or so to contrast all the green. Also, picked up some DARK red Sakura's today and at least half of them came berried, they let me hand pick them and I took all the preggers So in a month or so the tank will be crawling with red!

I'm quite nervous though, I'm going back to TCNJ on the 17th and I have class 5 days a week. Going to have to make lots of trips home on the weekend... Also going to have to teach the father how to dose and look for algae. I have a feeling dropping the photoperiod from 10 hours a day to 7 or 8 will be a wise choice once I leave.

I can't say it was all success though, had a huge problem the first 4 weeks with Diatoms and green thread algae, took forever for me to find out that I had sandy soil, and so my well water was filled with silicates. Water changes just fed the diatoms. Got a RO/DI and did a 3 day blackout with huge excel ODing and won the war after much frustration. I thought I was going to lose the scape to be honest.

Can't wait to get the school of cardinals and the DLSR, these shots really don't do it justice compared to in person. Thanks for the compliment!

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