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The pig is so cool, and I am really happy we got her. The kids couldn't get over having a pig live in their house with them. She sleeps with them at night, and has recently taken up with our 11yr old boxer. They have been layin side-by-side for the last 2 days. Pretty cool, cuz the boxer is old and is in really bad shape, and we're not sure how much longer we're gonna have her.

I did notice you had lizards, and will definitely be asking about them at such time that I get the opportunity to get one. If I could I'd have a real zoo in my house I want a few lizards: a beardie, Geckos are really cool, would LOVE a water monitor and could get one from CL right now for $150 with cage and all that is 4'L. I would LOVE to have some kind of big exotic cat (not a lion or tiger or anything), but a Bobcat or something cool like that. I also want some turtles, but they are illegal to have in captivity in Tn. Can't even buy captive turtles from another state and keep them here. I also want an oddities tank, and put a Medusa Pleco in with some Axolots and some freshwater Flounders like 150 has, and some other things I can't think of now. Oh, freshwater rays, REALLY want some of them Can you all see a pattern here?

Well hi jadeshrimp, honor to have you here. I did look at your sig, and wow! I'd love to have some horses, heck, I want a farm A buddy of mine had a horse and tried to get me to ride her, but I was too scared. I don't know why, it was just one of those things that you want to do, but when you finally get the chance to do it, it makes you so intimidated that you're scared to try it. I have wanted a farm since I was a little kid. We do plan on getting some chickens soon, maybe next spring or something.

Yeah, you'll want to get a bigger tank for them Oscars, they would love the extra swimming room. Then, when you get the bigger tank, you can get more fish

I would like a crested gecko, and wouldn't mind feeding bugs. I feed my fish live foods, and keep a mealworm culture as well.
Lol. I do see a pattern. All the crazy stuff no one else wants. Lol. The biggest thing I want right now is a reef tank. I want at least a 125 and the only fish I want if I had to choose one is a Volitans Lionfish. That tank is number 1 on my bucket list.

Horse back riding is amazing. Until you get thrown off. Ouch. But you heal, and get back on. Horses are amazing and powerful animals, but most are big sweethearts. If you treat them right, they will return the favor. The only reason I got thrown is cuz it got spooked by something outside the barn. It happens. Try it next time man. It is worth it.

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We actually have three here, a miniature, but it is my niece's horse. She loves her little Peanut. I don't ride horses much. My horse, she is my baby and I have had her since she was 4 months old, isn't trained to ride and probably will never be.

I planned on looking for a tank for a little while. I am hoping for about a minimum of a 125 gallon. But bigger would be better.

Okay, most people do. A friend of mine is terrified of bugs. Crested Geckos make a great first lizard, if you have never kept lizard. I also have a mealworm culture. I haven't opened the containers in a while.

P.S. I wish I could find a nice tank like yours. But everyone on CL here has saltwater tanks for sale.
+1 on cresties. That is going to be the next reptile we get.

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My tank was a saltwater tank. It took me 3 days to clean all the salt out of it. By the end of it I had blisters on my fingers, and a pretty awesome tank that I was turning into freshwater. I've even used all the equipment, minus the powerheads and things. They had way too much circulation than what I needed, and would actually make pits in the gravel and blow the dirt all over my tank. Took me a couple days to figure out what it was. First I thought it was just an overabundance of detritus, but got to looking in the back of the tank behind my wood piece, and that's when I noticed the crater behind there.
Distilled white vinegar. Works wonders for salt creep. And miner deposits from fresh water too.

Originally Posted by TheJadeShrimp View Post
Was it an old saltwater tank that was empty for a while? Here they are selling fully set up Saltwater with corals with fish.
Find a good shop and dump all the corals and fish off with them. They may give you credit that you can use on dry goods, or freshwater goods if they carry both.

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