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moved the 'specs' to the first post and lol I haven't removed the sand out of my 5.5 gal yet... I'm suppose to do it today ;o hopefully there aren't any stranded babies left but I shall know for sure by the end of today. Shrimp out first THEN sand.

& no worries I won't let the MTS overpopulate I've done a pretty good job keeping pond snails under populated so MTS should be no problem. and about the RCS breeding... they were breeding for me in the 5.5 gal tank (green eggs are so noticeable and pretty) but breeding will probably occur again for the 10 gal (don't know when though... few days, few weeks... hopefully not few months) but since I know they are capable of "getting it on" I'm not worried (shall be patient).


lol I don't have a turkey baster with me but I used my siphoning tube to get most of the agile shrimplets after netting the sizable shrimps.

and yeah the stem you sent me is doing great! When I uprooted it from the 5.5gal it grew another root (so 2 roots in total now) and the frogbit is starting to branch itself out (: it should be able to cover the surface of water sooner or later (bigger surface area now so I'm happy)

and with the 5.5gal... I'm either going to give it away to a friend or make it into a planted tank for the summer. Or keep small small fish in it... or turn it into a quarantine tank... (fun fun)
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