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Originally Posted by shrimpzhu View Post
and oh my GOD it was so !#^!#^^!#!#&#!&!#& catching the shrimp... espicially the BABY ones... "project no baby shrimp left behind" managed to find only one baby shrimp (so so sooo small) after staring into the remains of my 5.5 gal for like a good 10-15 minutes zoning out lol

STILL a success though (: ! I doubt I'll be making any additions/modifications to this tank anytime soon... other than getting some MTS from a LFS since I added way more sand compared to my former 5.5 gal tank. Gotta keep that sand aerated
Great job with the home relocation though! I drained the 10g tank I was moving them from all they way down to only 1" of water, and they still kept dodging the net and turkey baster combo. Heck, one tiger even flipped out of the net back into the water... omg. How did you get all the sand out with the shrimp still in the tank?

I guess your shrimp are breeding for you as well now ?

+1 to adding MTS. Just don't let them take over the tank :P

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