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Originally Posted by HolyAngel View Post
T5's will be waaaaay too much light on this tank unless you have no reflector and have them raised a foot+ off the top.. I'd honestly go with t8's instead, or led's, but less LEDs than you stated. I have a 15gal with this exact size with similar setup and ya, even with pressurized co2 2 t5's is asking for an algea farm. Other than that the tank and rest of the setup sounds good, good luck!
You didn't have enough co2 then if you had problems with algae with no reflectors and a foot above the tank.

Secondly, I'm not using the t5's on this setup. The LED fixture that I'm using will be controlled by an Arduino that I'm building and programming to run from dawn to dusk and I can control the brightness via code. I will also control the signal for the co2 solenoid via the arduino, so if the arduino looses power, neither the co2 or lights will come on. Total cost is about 40$ and a few hours of simple programming ( I already use the arduino programming environment for work.

This is an experiment, btw.
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