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DK’S 125, 40B1 and 40B2

I have three tanks, well maybe four if you count the quarantine tank. I have two 40 breeders and one 125G tank. All of my tanks have pressurized co2, mineralized soil and are hooked up to automatic water changer. I also dose tanks with fertilizers based on my own dosing regime.

I have been keeping this journal alive on NJAGC but I figured if I post it here I will get more exposure and maybe different ideas from the fine folks here on this forum.

So without further ado here they are:






Tank went down hill from here. Fish were breeding like crazy I had about 150+ electric yellows and firefish cichlids. My young cichlids reached adulthood fairly quickly causing more and more damage the bigger they got. With so many aggressive fish around plants couldn’t take the beating any longer. Soon after they fell to the BBA outbreak and fish developed some kind fungal infection which caused massive losses.


09212011 New layout #1

10062011 New layout #2


Thanks for looking.
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