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I measured the substrate with a ruler, turns out I seriously overestimated the depth. It's 2.5" in front, and about 4-4.5" in back. Is that okay?

This tank has had a rough week. Some of the plants were looking bad, so I adjusted the ferts again. My original logic was that I should only put in enough powdered ferts to "dose" the quart-size bottle, since the fert to water ratio in the spray would end up being the same as if I were dosing a filled 55g. I thought there might be some kind of deficiency in the plants, so I increased the amount, as I said in my last update.

All of the plants started getting little brown spots and some leaves were melting from the tips inward. So I separated the ferts into two bottles (one each for macro and micro), thinking that maybe mixing the macros and micros was the problem. And since the droplets only partially covered each plant, and since I thought some of the fert spray might be diluted when it dripped into the substrate, I thought the plants weren't getting enough, and put enough in each bottle to dose a 100g tank.

Within 48 hours, the plants were noticeably worse. I was rereading my plant deficiency chart, trying desperately to figure out what was wrong, when I noticed what it said about K toxicity. It was then that increasing the ferts, especially when I already had soil and root tabs in the tank, seemed like a bad idea. I flooded the tank with five gallons of water, let it sit for most of the day to let the ferts leach from the sand into the water, then drained it again. I then trimmed some of the worst leaves, and have since left the tank alone.

It was so horrible to have to cut off the little baby leaves of my beautiful plants.

That was about three days ago and the plants don't really seem to be recovering. Some of them have put out new leaves, but many of them have brown spots/edges and others (A. nana Petite and C. parva) have some yellow leaves. I might need to flood the tank again.

Anyway, here's what the tank looked like when it was at its worst (because I know you're all dying to see, right?):

What is this plant?

Some good news: the bulbs seem to be very happy. All but one or two have sprouted.
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