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Originally Posted by Aquasapien69 View Post
What a happy home for those guys!!! Awesome job man. Something to just sit, watch and relax in front of....

If you're berried all the time, then I'd say you're doing something right. Besides maybe hiding or getting sucked up, the only thing I can think of is not enough biofilm and microfauna for them to eat. Has it been running for a while? Could try one of those powder-ish foods to suppliment for the babies once or a couple times a week. I use some in a pretty heavy populated and planted tank and think it helps a bit. Just keep an eye on your Amm and Nite's with that stuff. If it's not eaten, then you know what that leads to. Less is better. Which substrate are you using - Fluval? Thanks for the show!!
Thanks for the kind words. This tank has been a piece of work in the making. It is a 4 year old tank that has been through 3 major transformations before it was a shrimp tank. Itís time for me to clean out the filter anyway, but I donít think I will find any shrimp there. I am using a Fluval edge intake filter sponge over the piece that connects on the intake of the Fluval 305 filter. I did in fact have a crappy sponge on there before that the holes where way too big and when I cleaned out the filter I found 6 adults and 8 shrimplets. I have been feeding the shrimp the Fluval shrimp granules with the occasional veggie. I was going to get some of the shrimp ball food or some other food. Yes I am using the Fluval stratum shrimp substrate. I also mixed in two bags of the plant stratum.

Originally Posted by Cardinal Tetra View Post
Wow very nice. It isn't everyday that we see a shrimp tank this large. Most of the shrimp tanks around are 10-20g or smaller. Are you dosing any ferts or using CO2?
Yes I am dosing with the Seachemís line. I use Excel, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, and Flourish. I donít use CO2. I regulate the light time to minimize the algae.

Originally Posted by swissian View Post
Once I get back from Christmas vacation, I'll think about posting one :P I finally got the algae under control! Plus, my long-finned albino bristlenose plecos seem to have made at least one baby!
I look forward to seeing it.
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