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Originally Posted by doncityz View Post
Yep, the shockwave breaks the stones, and of course, injure any kidney meat around it as well which causes lacerations, and yes she was pissing red for 4-5 days. Now the red's gone. But kinda worried whether the broken stones are really dissolved, or not. She is also taking some kind of alkalinizer (not sure if this is the right word) to dissolve the pieces of stones. Doc says if the stones are small <1cm, then u can opt for the dissolving method (no operation of any kind), but for my cousin's case, the stone is already 1.8cm. And it is blocking the kidney connection to the bladder. Scary...
Holy crap... that is really scary. Doctor prescribed internal damage doesn't sound too good no matter how you phrase it...

Originally Posted by doncityz View Post
Anyway, back to pond. hehe.

Yeah... That's my idea as well.. those edges need to be hidden. Actually I was planning to get a rectangular pot a bit higher than the pond, so it will automatically hide the edges. It's in my consideration depending of the type of pot available.

Hahahaha.. I haven't removed it, actually I plan to put it in my betta tank. My betta seems to love swimming all over the place (not just top surface).

Yep end to end, she is about 4". Not that lonely, there are a couple of danios in there hehe.
Ahhh, don't go spending tons of money on the pots when the plants will cover it in due time! When are you getting that giant water lily thing :P?

And I can't see anything else in the tank besides her haha, she's huge! Is there tons of her poop on the bottom of the tank? How are you cleaning that?

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