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Post Your Rare and Pricey Crypts!

Hey guys,
So I have this shrimp tank of mine in my sig, and I wanna stock up on some nicer crypts in there, not just the average wendtii, lutea, walkeri, green gecko etc. So if you have any rare or pricey crypts, post them and I'll keep the OP updated with all of them! I know all you gurus out there have some nice ones... Nick... Xue... Post'em up! Hopefully we'll get some nice specimens on this thread...

C. Kota Tingii

C. pygmaea

C. keei 'bau'

C. hudoroi

C. bullosa

C. nurii 'pahang' mutated

C. Bullosa

C. Uenoi

C. Nurii 'Rompin'

C. Auriculata

C. Cordata Rosanervig

C. Bullosa 'red'

C. Ferruginea

C. Xtimahensis site protected sp. that is illegal to collect

C. Cordata Thailand

C. Cordata Saimensis

C. Nurii

C. Noritoi

C. Ideii

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