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Yep I have plants, and lots of lighting, and lightning these days 8)
I know my tank is cycling & of course the massive water changes are slowing the process, thats cool, just want to get it right this time and not be a fish killer!

Heres todays stats:

nitrite 3.0
nitrate 20
ph 7.6
kh 3
gh 6
ammonia 3.0

One question, with using Prime, and the new tests, will the tests go to 0 when my tank is cycled? Stupid question I know, but then again, I am mom of teenager so I'm dain bramaged. Wear bith me...please

Oh yeah I rember nervous norvous, wasn't he on Ed Sullivan????
Now I have a question, what show was Rona Barrett on? I've been trying to come up with that for days

Thanks ya'll

PS Momenteto, you lose power

the image you see to the right is an adobtable pet from His name is Omar, and heres his bio:
Omar is quite the little athlete who adores his toys and treats and just knows his person is out there!
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