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So.....the Maserati factory has been in full swing today. I got all the machining and de-burring done, and refined my beta model with a quarter inch extension from the pole to enable a 15-20 degree tilt to the net. The purpose of this is to have a planar surface with no pole interference when you want to trap a shrimp against the glass.

The extension caused my smallest point on the attachment to migrate up and off the pole, so I had to add some channels on the end of the pole to hold the mini cable tie in the correct place.

Next, designing a method for uniform bending of the frames, and figuring out the netting part - both rather tedious, so I think I'll rest a few days before undertaking them, and ponder them in my mind...


In other news, we finished the hot and cold house main re-plumbs, courtesy of our great friend John Guest. It's like tinker toy plumbing.


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