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Ow. Kidney stones themselves sound painful, let alone the operation. Shockwave operation breaks the stones using shockwaves I guess? I know my friend actually had some when he was a teenager since he didn't eat well. But the doctors gave him this drug that dissolved the stones and he said his piss turned like red :X

Did a good job with those rocks, it looks completely straight now with no bow. It would be cool if you can put plants in the pots such that they grow over the edge to hide to pond edge. Are all the bamboo shoots touching the water in some way? Hard to tell in the pictures. That platform will look sweet when the bamboo grows out. If there's tons of growth you should like have some start growing UNDER the platform so it wraps around it ! And gotta say man, that random floating anubias cracks me up.

Dorthy looks huge too... she used to be in a 5.5g o.O!?!! She's like 4in or something? She looks lonely though *wink wink*

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