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Well another week has gone by. The remaining fish are doing better. No signs of ich anymore and will be keeping the temp up till Tuesday to be sure. I haven't seen it on any of them for 4 days now. Finally got two more 6700K bulbs and am currently working on making a C02 reactor using Tom Barr's design. Hoping to get that accomplished next week and hooking up the C02. I'm going to be hooking up a 24oz paintball setup temporarily until I get a 5# setup. Any ideas on how long it will last? I haven't been able to find any info for that.

Well here's an updated shot for now. Probably won't post any more pics until I get the C02 up and running fully and notice a big difference in growth.

I'm also looking to get some Dwarf Sag for the foreground as that's the only low lying carpeting plant I can find around here. Anyone from the Tampa area know of somewhere that has a better low lying carpet plants?

Thanks all!
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