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Originally Posted by wkndracer View Post
What was linked in my QT thread were articles published online by Charles as you say in your post. After reading your last post and what is the probable cause of your losses I reviewed all my posts in that thread with intent on removing ANYTHING that could cause harm or misunderstanding.

In post #18 I did detail what I settled on doing to aid in mixing flubendazole. Reviewing my thread I found he (Charles Harrison, Ph.D.) has already updated the linked information dated 12/16/2011. Included in it also is additional mixing instructions that all (imo) will find helpful.

I am NOT a vet or have I ever attended any medical training classes other than basic first aid and CPR training. Included in my QT thread it's stated that what I shared was based on my personal experiences and input mainly from breeder related websites. That information was spread out within the posts made. I have added an edit to the opening post of the thread in hope of avoiding misunderstandings.

I am truly sorry that trying to share information that I learned through hard lessons has led another person to deal with killing they're pets.
Please don't take any offense wkndracer: I never meant to imply that you had any role/blame for what happened in any way, shape, or form. I only meant to convey that you linked to the instructions Charles had posted (which were accurate at the time) and that in the time since you made the post, he's changed suppliers and the instructions had changed (which you would have no way of knowing).

Nor to I blame Charles: he'd included a quick summary of the instructions in an email, but I didn't notice the tiny detail of a change in recommended dosage (from 1/4 TSP per 5 gal to 1/4 TSP per 20 gal, which I'll admit I don't quite understand since he only went from 5% to 10%, unless he's also decided a weaker dose is equally effective). He had no way of knowing that I'd use the instructions linked to from your thread, so I wouldn't have expected him to say not to use them.

The responsibility in both cases is mine alone.

I wanted others to know that those instructions were out of date so that they wouldn't follow them like I did and so that they'd know that Charles was working on updating them. I also wanted others to know that flub is an O2 scavenger, since neither set of instructions mentioned it and I thought it an important detail. From now on, I'm always going to use an airstone when medicating (and even when not medicating on the QT) to ensure that aeration is never again a variable at play.
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