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Oh sorry about that. I did a 75% water changes every 3 weeks. Cleaned the box filter in the tank during each water change. I kept some java moss the size of a baseball in the tank. Never had any ammonia or high nitrates. The betta was fine during all of this. In fact he developed a nice iridescent sheen on his fins. All the algae was due to the fact that it got constant sunshine from a south-facing window and I was using the desk lamp 24/7 to grow algae in my 2.5 gallon Opae Ula tank right next to it. Every time I scrapped away the algae, it would come back. My betta didn't mind and my halocaridina enjoyed the soft green algae so much that I decided to grow the algae as a food source for the shrimp. The only thing that happened was that I forgot to replace the cover one night and the other betta jumped.

As for my crypt tank, some of the crypts have started to melt. I'll be adding some floating Hygro sp Tiger sometime next week.

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