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Fishykid's 15G Self-Built rimless - Self built Fun

You would think 3 tanks is enough in the 12X13 foot bedroom of mine, but nope. I enjoy my aquatic friends way to much to keep it there.

This tank won't cost much at all to setup because I already have all of the equipment, just need the substrate.

The goodies:

Tank: Home-built rimless tank (24X12X12) - great demensions
Filter: Fluval 205
Light: DIY LED fixture (12X Cree xpg CW, 5X Cree XPE RB- will be dimmed) or 2X24W t5 (I have both)
Substrate: For now Seachem Flourite from other tanks. I will likely switch to mostly black diamond sand later

Planned plants:
C. petchii
C. wendtii 'green'
C. Wendtii 'bronze'
C. parva
Staurogyne Repens
Moss - can't decide which sp.

fauna -
10X Rummy Nose Tets
1X Male Featherfin - I need a couple females
~XX Red cherry shrimp

This is the tank I built before I brought it inside - hadn't cleaned up any edges - filled and sat for 5 days - no leaks

I still need to build the stand for it, but it's going to be a simple 2X4 stained stand...nothing fancy like the last few I've made.

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