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5.5 gallon Cryptocoryne tank - Now with Rilis!

Current tank shot - 9/29/12

Here's the shrimp.


Hello. I decided it was time to set up another desktop tank. Initially I had a 5.5 gallon next to my 5.5 grass tank that housed two bettas seperated by a craft mesh divider. However one of the bettas passed away and I've been using the tank as a makeshift growout tank. However the only thing that grew in that tank was algae due to negligence, excess light from my window, and a lack of nutrients.

As you can see, the only thing that was thriving was the soft green algae smothering the java moss and needle-leaf java fern. The betta was fine though.

After some cleaning with H2O2, vinegar, and some elbow grease, the tank looked like this:

Osmocote+ capsules Im using from somewhatshocked.

Filled up with Fluval Shrimp Stratum. I did not rinse and just grabbed fist-fulls from a 8.8lb bag and tossed it into the tank.

Planted dry. The crypts are C. lutea, C. petchii, and C. lucens. All of them from gordonrichards (who has awesome plants for sale btw).

About 1/2 filled up. I used a plastic watering can (used for watering house plants) to fill up the tank. I S-L-O-W-L-Y poured the water over the driftwood to prevent any kickup or dust storms.

Fully filled up. The cloudiness is caused by the dissolved airbubbles in the tapwater I used.

After a few minutes, it's pretty much crystal clear. Also I removed some of the junk behind the tank (most notable being the old can of Mountain Dew).

As for future plans for this tank, I'll probably re-add my plakat betta in a week or so. I'll also add some floating stems to mitigate the eventual algae formation. The driftwood will remain bare for now, though I plan to add some some moss, maybe fissdens to it when I get the money and time to. Day lighting will come from the window behind the tank with supplemental lighting from the desk lamp only at night and only for 3-4 hours max. I want to keep this tank as low-tech as possible after the initial few months so no dosing the water column or CO2. I might consider adding some other fauna in the tank in the future, maybe some shrimp or dwarf rasboras. It all depends on the betta's temperament. I'll probably add an nerite as well if algae starts growing on the sides. Anyways that's it for now. Hopefully I'll update in about two weeks. Thanks for looking!

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