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I decided to change it up all together. It will be about a year since I set this tank up. So I pulled everything and replanted and rescaped. It's funny because I rescaped for quite some time one night. Filled it with water, went to bed, and was very unhappy with the outcome when I awoke the next morning. So I drained the tank et al and went to work. I never planned a scape like this, it just kind of happened in a matter of a few minutes. really digging it. Got the heat gun out and reshaped one of my outflow pipes into a more custom style jet shape and am very happy with the outcome. Placed the DHG in the back right corner and filled the rest in with HC. what's hard to tell in the photo is the slope. It's amazing how without water, the slope is so prevalent, then when the water is added, your depth perception gets distorted. Regardless, I'm very excited with the new layout. I'm looking forward to the plants filling in. The HC grows so fast in here it's quite amazing. I think it's going to look really great in front of the main rock. It'll be a huge HC field with the DHG in the background. The sponge over the intake in the photo is to save the shrimps from the eheim. much love to all viewing. -el g

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