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Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
Hm... hope they come next week or they'll get stuck in the Christmas delivery rush.
Everything seems good with your parameters. What's your kH? That'll be pretty important to keep low for CBS and CRS. (You should update the first post with flora, fauna, and equipment if you have time!) I think tap would degrade your fluvial stratum pretty quickly?
I think they'll be here tomorrow! Checked the tracking number and they're in the state With any luck 12 new shrimp will be joining the herd!!

Haven't a clue about the stratum though, but this weekend I'm off to the store to buy a kh test kit, and some excel, maybe some java moss...there's a big space under the filter that gets barely any light and I want to put some kind of plant back there.

Originally Posted by talontsiawd View Post
I started reading this the other day but had to deal with the girlfriend wanting to go out and do something fun, before I had a chance to comment. This is a really good scape for round rocks, I normally don't see a scape done well with them. I really like what you did. Kind of "calming" for lack of a better word.
Hehe thanks!! They're really the only rocks I have for my tanks, I always collect them when near streams, rivers, and lakes so I've got quite the stockpile lol
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