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Originally Posted by phorty View Post
I bought a CF-400 for my 55 gallon. I was thinking I could use that as the only filter but the flow isn't impressive so I'm still using a AC110 and a Emperor 400 in addition. I still like the filter though, very quiet.

I feel like I might need two when I start my 75 gallon.
So I cleaned out my CF-400 for the first time after it ran for 2 months. It was a little bit dirtier on the interior than I expected. I think I need to do a pre-filter. How are you guys setting up your pre-filters? Where do you put it and what material? I don't want to slow flow too much.

I'm also not sure I have the spray bar placed in the optimal place. Using the provided tubing it is about 2 inches below the water line. Do I want the spray bar higher so it disturbs the water line more?
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