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Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
Hey ar ethe leaves opening up on your white mangrove propagules? I had some trouble here where that husk around the propagules got too dry and hard and then they couldn't open up. If you are observing that I woudl recommend hanging the planters down lower so that the husk is touching the water and leave them like that overnight. You can then carefully pick away at the husk to get to the green live part inside and that should open up with the propagule leaves.
The one that is doing good still has the husk. The other one the husk came off, but it is still bent over and hasn't really grown at all. It doesn't look like it's dying, but it doesn't look like it's growing either. I'm still crossing my fingers that it'll pull through. I'll try that tonight to see how it goes.

On a high night the pilea mollis is blooming! It's is out of control The leather fern has three sprouts now and the aluminum plant has new leaves. I can see root growth in the pandanus tectorius and cat palm.
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