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Spent a long time stalking the shrimp around the tank with my camera, and finally got some ok pictures of the really dark ones.

And the one who has thus claimed that driftwood as HERS.

You can see two of them in this pic:

Really likes being on the saggitarus

One last pic of the plants for good measure

I think they're coloring up quite well considering this is their...third day in the tank. I'm also pretty sure I have three females and two males, only time will tell though!

CRS on the way soon! S & SS grades

Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
Hm... I'd keep your cat out of the room with the fish tank to be honest. You wouldn't wanna risk having a shrimp on the frogbit, getting scared, and jumping out of the tank. Also, I've read many horror stories where everything in the tank would die if the cat had a lot of kitty litter stuffs on its hand.

Hope the shrimp enjoy their new home ! More pictures when they color up some!
Yea, I don't normally have them in there but one is going to the vet and I can't give him food for 24 hours prior to the surgery (neeuuuutering ) and if I did that with the other two I would be followed by two furiously mewing cats until they are fed.
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