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Well I had a bit of a problem this week. Started with one of my rainbows getting a really bad fungus on the eye and one of the gills. I put him in a quarantine tank and am currently treating. After noticing that I started watching my other fish really close to see if anything else would happen to any of them. Couple days later I noticed two of my rainbows had ich. They each had 2 spots so I decided that night I would do a 50% water change and raise the temp up to 86* to see if I could kill off the ich. When I got the tank about 90% refilled I noticed the fish were starting to act weird. I checked the temp of the water and it was only 1* off. I checked the water parameters and got 0ppm Nitrites, 0ppm Nitrates, 7.2-7.4ph, and 1-1.5ppm Ammonia. I thought that was crazy after just doing a 50% and the weekend before after doing a water change my numbers were zero'd out as well. I checked the tap water and the ammonia comming from the tap was 1.5-2.0ppm. After doing some further research, this was due to the water company adding more chloramine to the water for the winter and my tap water conditioner wasn't enough to handle the spike. I'm now switching over to Prime to do my water changes to help account for the higher chloramine. First time this happened in almost 2 years that I've lived in this place. Well I learned the hard way as I lost 6 rainbows and 1 neon. All the other fish are doing well and the ich is beginning to drop. Here's an updated shot of what the tank looks like after 2 weeks:

Still waiting on the new bulbs as my LFS had a problem with shipment where they were all shattered. Should have them in this upcoming week...I hope. Once I get a chance to get out to my other LFS I'll be looking at getting some low lying plants for the front.
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