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New and Improved dirted tank-56k

This is tank is a 15 gallon tank made by the Japanese company GEX. The two front corners are rounded while the back two are bordered with black plastic. The bottom isn't just glass, it is reinforced with plastic on the bottom outside. It came with a light fixture with two built in power outlets for the filter and anything else to attach to.

I finally got around to dirting this tank after waiting more than 30 days for my mgopm which i still didn't get. I went out and acquired some dirt to throw in. I notice that the Japanese don't really have a big selection of potting mix as most of their dirt is meant to be used outside or for veggies. I ended up getting a 10-12lbs bag for only $5, the soil isn't like mgomp but it will due for now.

This bag was dirt cheap. Dirt cheap get it because it's dirt..HAHAHA

The dirt wasn't a dark black color that most of us are use to, but instead a light brown with clay in it. It also had very few perlite so I wasn't too bummed when I found there was some in here after buying it. It also had a bit of wood chips and other decaying stuff in it, I picked out the biggest pieces but left the rest to decompose later.

i added a peat base potting soil on the bottom because I read that peat helps the plants absorb more and the bacteria will benefit form it more. The soil contained a wetting agent so I wouldn't use it with fish unless that stuff wears off after being submerged. It had more perlite than I last remembered, but I wasn't too worried since it was going to be on the bottom.

I seeded the bottom with bacter 100 to give the soil a head start with microbes. Mulm was going to be my first choice to seed the soil with but i didn't feel like mulm hunting. I also put grounded up leaves, clay, and root medic ferts in the bottom too before covering it up. I know people say not to put organics in the very bottom because of gas build up harming fish, but I wanted to add extra organics since I only have plants. I also read that the organics will bind with the clay and work better or something.

I also added more dirt than the 1 inch everyone advises to use. I would like to see wear in the rule book that said only inch can be used. Plus it will be good for the plants to spread their roots out more.

After filling it three times to remove debris I added plants from my Hygrophila grow out tank. I also have crypt parva in the center and anubais. I plan on adding a sword maybe in there too, but I don't want to waste money when I have a grow out tank to supply plants.

Why buy when that tank supplies me with good plants like this.

  • As of now I only have a penguin 150 running with the bio-wheel removed until I can get a koralia nano. I wanted a canister but I have no where to put it, plus I don't think a plant only tank would need a canister anyhow.
  • At some point in the future I would like to get a T-8 to T-5 adapter for my fixture. Instead of buying a new one because I love the power outlet idea.
  • I do need to find a way to clear up the water even more, compared to the other tanks it appears dusty.
I'm interested in seeing how much I can fill it in before tearing it down.

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