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I made a few changes in the past week. The trumpet snails seemed to be bothering the mystery snails and digging into the bulbs, so I put the mystery snails into a 10g and the bulbs back into my 55g, where they are growing very well. I know better than to try to remove the trumpet snails.

The plants seem to have recovered now that I added some DIY CO2.

I don't have a diffuser, so I poked a hole into my AC filter and shoved the CO2 line into it. It makes a ton of noise every time a bubble pops, so I'm trying to figure out how to make it quieter.

The water evaporates from this tank very quickly, so I put some Saran wrap over the filter outflow to keep the CO2 from being lost too quickly.

This tank was originally going to be called the Rainbow 25g. It sits just to the side of a window, and at certain times of day, you can see some awesome rainbows. This is what the tank looked like before I planted it. It was supposed to be a quarantine tank, so it's not really decorated.

Isn't this a cool pic?

You guys let me know if I'm adding too many pics or if you want to see anything specific. I'll be adding driftwood soon, so stay tuned.
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