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Guess what? I got a new camera! Unfortunately, all of my pics from the last week are from the old one, but once I figure out how to use this one, the pics should be top-notch.

I played around with the tank quite a bit this week. I took out the cholla wood because it was covered in light blue mold, which I was afraid would spread to the plants.

Don't worry; when the tank gets filled, I'll put it back.

I trimmed more dead leaves...

Lowered the water level and moved some bulbs around...

And was rewarded with some new growth!

I also made a stronger solution of ferts for the spray bottle: ~1/2 tsp each of Potassium nitrate, Barr's GH Booster, Iron, Monopotassium phosphate, and Plantax CSM+B, all mixed into one quart-size spray bottle.

I think the substrate in this tank is too deep because when I removed the cholla wood there was a sulfury, anaerobic smell. Not to mention all the grey spots in the sand. It's about 3" at its lowest point, reaching up to 5.5-6" in back. I put about 1" of dirt in there, so I wanted to make sure there was a good cap, but I think I put too much.
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