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Originally Posted by bsmith View Post
How old is your daughter? I have a 15 month old, she was born on Aug 23 10, Ella.

You scuba dive through ice? I somewhat see the point of those polar bear guys as jumping into a freezing body of water in nothing but your swimming trunks would be quite an adrenaline blast. I think (never been scuba diving) even with a wet/dry suit on you would still get cold? In warm water diving at least you can stroll around a reef or something. What are you looking at/searching for when your under water? Welcome!
She is 17 months old now...born in July.

Actually, that was my first open water dive. It was at Mt. Storm, WV. The lake up there is actually a man made lake and used to cool a coal fueled power plant. If all the stacks are going, in the dead of winter the water will be in the 60's so it's a popular place for divers in the winter. This day however, aside from the 8" of snow, it was below 30 degrees outside and the water was 34 degrees. It was pretty chilly and I was only in a 3mil wet suit which is very thin. I know guys that get cold in the summer wearing 3mil suits. It was a blast though. In the summer the water up there sometimes hits 100 degrees.
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