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The shrimp have left Cali! I hope they get here ok, we just had a flash snow storm last night, the trees were really pretty this morning.

Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
If you do decide to set up another tank make sure to start a journal for it! You could always just make lots of tibees ! AND MY TIGERS ARE BERRIED!!!! Two of them are so far. Hoping those breed out!! Snapped a few pics in my journal haha.

At least that isn't as nerve wracking as having the shrimp shipment sitting in the warehouse. Then I'd be tempted to drive and pick those up lol. But congrats on the shrimps arriving soon! After they arrive you'd wanna keep the tank renovations to a minimum if you want lots of breeding. When you start getting babies you can renovate all you want afterwards!

The filter change is really up to you. My shrimp tanks work fine with a HOB. But then again I'm not willing the shell out more money for sponge filters. You could actually keep both the sponge and internal filter inside your tanks and have two sources of beneficial bacteria for when you have to clean one out. But it's all up to you :]!!
Congrats on the berries!! Renovations are done for a while now, saggitaria came and I'll snap a few pictures after the water clears. I have room for maybe one plant, I'm thinking of just adding some java moss to the driftwood and then everything's got to grow in.

Originally Posted by NeoShrimp View Post
Wow. How did you get them that way. I have a huge Marimo ball mat, so should I pinch some off and roll it into a ball or something? : )
Yea basically that's what you do!

I bought 3 small ones but one was kinda lop-sided so I broke it and half and rolled it into two balls to make the really tiny ones.
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