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Loose Llanos Biotope

Hello. I am setting up a tank as a Christmas present for my husband (and me), and would like to do a not too strict Llanos biotope for Ram Cichlids, but would like to keep it fairly affordable.

50 Gallon with iron stand-50.00
Black Diamond Sand x2-18.00
Leftover pieces of Manzanita-N/A
Various left over rocks-N/A
2 Phillips 6500K T8-7.00
Light strip 11.00
Contact Paper for light strip 6.00
All plants but the Oakleaf N/A
Mexican Oakleaf 3.00
Aquaclear 110 57.00
Sunsun HW303B 79.00
Bubblewand 3.00
Total 182.00

We have resealed it and it's passed the leak test, so next I'll work on the hard scaping.

I'm thinking either the sexy diamond plate shoplights from HD, or just the white ones from Walmart.
2 6500 K Phillips T8

Flora: (?)
Amazon Sword
Brazillian Pennywort
Dwarf Sagitaria
Scarlet Temple
Mexican Oak Leaf
Frog's Bit
Dwarf Water Lettuce

I realize some of these may not be from the Llanos, but it is a loose version.

2 Rams
School of Rummy Nose Tetras
School of Cardinal Tetras
Marbled Hatchets
Checkerboard Cichlid

I'm thinking of keeping the temp between 82-84°F
I already have soft water so I don't have to adjust that.

I would like suggestions on a filter, I read they don't like a strong current, so I was wondering what a good filter would be for them, considering I'd like to keep the budget low end.

Thank you for your time and suggestions in advance, pics soon to come.

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