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Originally Posted by aXio View Post
I like the plant arrangement
Thanks axio!

Originally Posted by Doc7 View Post
Tank looks good!

I'm no expert aquascaper but I feel like that foreground is begging for something other than HC. (not a hater of it, i love it in my tank, but dont think it would transition right to what you have behind it)

From what I have seen Glosso might look just right in yours or are you looking for a grassy plant? I like the Lilaeopsis mauritiana that I've seen growing particularly in Lauraleellbp's tanks.
Thanks doc! I've never had any luck with HC in any of my other tanks so I don't think I would go that route either. Don't think it would be tall enough either like you said. I've got mixed emotions on grassy like plants but love how quickly they fill in! I was thinking of just using some microswords but I like the thinner leaf of what you're recommending. I will definitely add it to the list of plants to look into! Thanks for the help and I'll keep ya posted on what I decide to do!

Originally Posted by Jim_PA View Post
Nice setup. I have a question about your lights, I have the same lights for my tank, but was told by several people on this board to remove 2 of them, as it was too much light. Are you finding the same problem? My tank is heavly planted and has CO2 setup.
Thanks Jim! I'm no planted tank expert whatsoever to be honest with you. This is my 4th planted tank and have never had to deal with algae. All of my tanks have had 2 wpg, pressurized C02, and dosing dry ferts through the EI method. This tank does not have pressurized C02 as of yet. Still gotta refill my tank and build a C02 reactor. I'm going to be leaving either a 10,000K bulb or an actinic bulb in there so it doesn't drown the tank out with too much yellow color. So in my experience, no this is not too much light and have never had problems with anything around 2 wpg. The gentleman that owned this tank before me supposedly grew all the plants in there under 2x 10,000K and 2x Actinic. We'll see how changing the bulbs out will help. I've already seen a big increase in growth with only changing one bulb to a 6700K. Don't know if this helps at all. Hope it does!

Thanks again everyone!
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