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Dorothy and Dolly's Nano Pond (update 6Mar2012)

This tiny pond was bought because the fancy goldfish I had was growing, but the tank I gave her was only 5.5g.

I just bought it yesterday, and today setting it up DIY - style.
1000L/h powerhead.
Size of pond is 2'x2'x1'. (approx 30gallon of water inside).
I used "Drain cover" to place the filter box. I am thinking to put some potted plants on
top of this platform.

It currently sits at the corner of my porch area. I haven't fill it up fully yet at the point I take the photo.

Undergoing cycling with 2 zebra danios inside it. Plus the filter is using an extra bio media sponge from my 12g.

I want to put potted plants around this pond. The pond is always under shade, so I am not sure whether I'll be having algae issues or not. I have a couples of CAEs in my small shrimp tank if necessary for some algae control.

... to be continued..

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