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I've now completed two doses of the Jungle tablets with no noticeable improvements (which is what I was expecting, since I'd tried them with the platy that died before).

I've given up on the medicated food also. Even after the garlic soak and nearly a week of not being offered anything else, they barely touched the stuff (it was also something that I'd tried with the platy). At this point, I think it'd be better to go back to the regular food (Tetra's tropical crisps are the main staple, with some freeze-dried bloodworms tossed in occasionally) than keep starving them on the medicated food.

Charlie's meds arrived on Monday, so tomorrow morning I'll do the 95% WC and administer the first dose of Flub. I plan on doing two doses of Flub per the instructions on his page, then have sewingalot's recommended break for a few days before dosing the Leva.
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