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Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
Yea I understand the feeling since I'm running internal filters myself. I like how it lets me put the tanks right up against the walls in my room. Can't do that with a HOB filter. How's the intake on that filter? As airangel said you will have to cover up the opening with some sponge or stocking to stop baby shrimps from getting sucked in.

Good news on the frogbit. How do you stop it from covering the entire top though? Or does the roots mostly grow longer and it doesn't really multiply?
I already have a makeshift filter sock/cover which I'm going to put on....whenever I feel like fishing it out of that corner. I think the frogbit does multiply.....a lot, I'm going to have to scoop some out soon and just leave the little ones.
Last week:


GOOD NEWS & bad news, I'm probably not getting the OEBT's because I was outbid, but I did order some CBS and they're going to be here by the end of the week, and my anubias arrived! Also, I broke down and put the driftwood in the tank, using a HIDEOUS contraption made out of two rocks and string. Yea. It's pretty ugly lol....I hope it sinks soon. The smallest piece still in the bucket did today so the others should follow. Once it's off you can see how pretty it is, can't wait till there's some little shrimps scattering all over....

HC is growing a little bit

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