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Ok, thanks guys... That link you gave me helped, Fender. I'm using a small pond pump on the difusser in my 55gal tank. Thats delivering 300gal/hr and this (along with my Filstar XP3 seems to be working well) but I chose it because it was there. I didn't know if I was doing well here or not. My hex has an AquaClear filter hanging on it now along with my Fluval 404 on which I changed the discharge nozzle to cut down the turbulance. I plan to leave the Fluval 404 but remove the AquaClear and run a powerhead to power the difusser. Here again I want to minimize the turbulance but be sure to have enough to thoroughly mix the CO2 and water. I guess I should have explained better to begin with. :hehe:

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