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2 months since last update!

Well, I don't have any water parameters but everything is going really well.

A couple weeks ago I came in on Monday and three of my fish and one shrimp had died. I tested my water after and everything looked well. I'm not sure what happened but I suspect foul play. My little office project has developed quite a following and I've come into the office in the evening to see the cleaning crew gather around my cube. I suspect one of them had inadvertently added some chemicals while screwing around with the tank.

At any rate, the one white cloud and one ghost shrimp will be getting more companions sometime soon, probably after the holidays.

and now some pics!

My hydrocotyle seems to be experiencing an Fe deficiency so I'm adding some trace elements according to the PPS Pro dosing.

Other than that... It's about time to thin the wisteria out... gotta get it tamed to a short little bushy plant... a little bit of effort but it'll look great.
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