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Originally Posted by mistergreen View Post
Be aware that a PAR meter will only read light wavelengths between 400 - 700 nm (around that). A lux meter will vary drastically depending on what photo resistor/diode it uses.
yup... which is why my friend said no go for the application i want.
I would get the other spectrum which arent needed inside the lux, and wouldnt represent anything.. minus how well the camera would take its picture at what flash setting

Originally Posted by Hoppy View Post

I haven't tried using a lux meter yet, but that's something I hope to do later.
Ohhhh if u figure out a way hoppy let me know..
My friend whose a professional photographer said he would totally loan me his lux meter. But as i said, he said it was pointless for what i wanted.
He knows what a par meter is, and said get a cheap par meter.

Problem tho, a Par meter costs 200 dollars!!!
I still want my dual stage regulator b4 a Par meter.
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