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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
Hoppy, thanks for the link.

It would be interesting to know for discussion & help others. For me it still comes down to how my plants will grow. Between the dimmer & the ability to raise the lights I should be able to dial it it fairly easy.

I got my minimalist look in a way that doesn't look like Aquarium lighting.
You certainly did that! I like that look, but I would probably use different "shades", most likely round ones. This is one more very nice way to light a tank using off the shelf hardware.

Originally Posted by mistergreen View Post
Be aware that a PAR meter will only read light wavelengths between 400 - 700 nm (around that). A lux meter will vary drastically depending on what photo resistor/diode it uses.
If we wanted to use a lux meter for a variety of different types of lighting, or for some array of LEDs with a mix of reds, blues, greens, etc. it would likely not be accurate enough. But, if we stick to cool white, neutral white, etc. LEDs, or 6500-10,000K fluorescent lights, or similar color temperature MH lights, it should do well enough for our purposes. We don't need extreme accuracy, and we don't even get that with a PAR meter. The Quantum meters aren't perfectly accurate for low light either. They read in whole digits only, so a reading of 10 micromols is only good to about +/- 1 micromol, or 10%, and errors in technique add still more inaccuracy.

I haven't tried using a lux meter yet, but that's something I hope to do later.

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